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Over long periods of time, vehicles can suffer from the elements. Factors such as harsh sun, drought, heavy rain and other weather conditions can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior, so finding an auto body shop to help keep your vehicle in peak condition is key! Your car’s appearance requires the work of a professional and Ding Masters is one of the best in the business.  With over 30 years experience, we offer the best auto body prices and the best service you will find anywhere else.

Located in beautiful Ventura, California, Ding Masters knows first hand what salty sea air breezes can do to a vehicle’s exterior, and while there are numerous auto body paint shops throughout the South land, they can be too costly to afford.  We approach each job – each vehicle we service – with the same top level of service.  Whether it’s weather damage to your car’s paint, damages to the headlights or brake lights or other cosmetic damage like dings and dents, Ding Masters will remove and repair any imperfections, blemishes and damages to your vehicle promptly, efficiently and affordably.

Why pay the high price of dealerships or paint shops when you don’t have to?  At Ding Masters you get the best quality service possible at the best possible price, which is why we are top in our field!

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